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Equity Loans

Has life thrown you a curve ball? A second mortgage can be used for many things. Don’t listen to the stigma around second mortgages. These stigmas were created by irresponsible home owners and banks trying to steer you away from alternative financing. Second mortgages can in fact help your financial situation.


WAIT! Is your mortgage coming up for renewal? Have you reviewed your options? Lets research your options together.  (No credit check needed!) Being a Broker allows me to work with multiple institutions and mortgage providers so I have the ability to get you the best rates possible at your renewal.


Home Equity Line of Credit or (H.E.L.O.C) for short is a type of mortgage product that acts like an extension of your credit line. The borrowed amount will be based on the equity in your property. It can be attached to your everyday banking or issued in the form of a credit card. With a HELOC you only pay for what you use.


Are you looking for or have found your new home? Contact me today for a free mortgage quote and lets review your options together. Buying a home can be a whirlwind process, make sure your best interests are looked after! I have access to many banks and alternative lenders. It allows me to present you with the best options to fit your needs.

Debt Consolidation

Without ruining your credit, I can assist you with the complete opposite. We can rebuild your credit by securing a loan at a median interest rate and clear most if not all of your debt. Let me show you how! My goal is to guarantee you savings every month! Let’s get those pesky collection calls stopped.

Business Loans

Start up’s and established businesses can qualify for financing with us up to 5 million. Each case is just as unique as the business in need. No business is too small and no industry is turned away!

Reverse Mortgage

Are you over the age of 55 and have a desire to build and live a retirement on your terms?  

I can help.  

50% believe they will run out of money

47% between 55 – 64 do not have accrued employer pension benefits

93% simply don’t want to move

Only 12% of older Canadians have enough saved for retirement and with 74% as homeowners, I can help you finance your retirement with a no payment mortgage option.  

Foreclosure Assistance

Sheriff has been called to change the locks, you have received a demand letter or mortgagee has taken legal action against you.

This includes…

Mortgage Arrears

Property Tax Arrears

Maintenance Fee Arrears

Credit card or loan payment arrears

Business or personal taxes

Commercial Lending

Acquiring financing for your business or investment property can  prove to be difficult. Why not let the pros do the work for you? We can fund church’s, mosque’s, gas stations, low to high rise buildings, vacant land and much much more! We’re Savvy in our ways and can get the job done. Contact us today!


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